Changes Ahead for UB Student Pharmacy Services

Student Health Services, 4350 Maple Road, building exterior.

Published July 21, 2023

Changes to the operating model provided by the Division of Student Life will see the current student pharmacy operations gradually transition out of Student Health Services this fall to a new delivery model and provider.  The move announced by Director of Student Health Services Sue Snyder, will provide greater flexibility and overall increased access for UB students.

After a comprehensive review of our student pharmacy and the reality of increased competition for these services, it was determined that sunsetting our program this fall and partnering with a local retail pharmacy operation is a natural next step in providing the most efficient delivery model to our students. Discussions are ongoing and I’m confident we should be able to announce a successful pharmacy partner in the near future,” Snyder said.

Snyder continued “We believe collaborating with a local pharmacy that has multiple locations and other enhanced amenities like delivery services will provide a more viable long-term solution.

In 2019, the Division of Student Life assumed operations of the UB student pharmacy in Michael Hall on the south campus before moving operations in 2022 to their current location in the Student Health Services building on Maple Road.

While the exact date to close the location housed within Student Health Services is yet to be determined, Snyder wants to assure all students who use the current pharmacy that the transition should be an easy one.

“We will continue to have dedicated staff available at our Student Health Services location during the fall semester and stand ready to assist during this transition. When ready, all records will be transferred safely and securely to our new partner to assure that there will be no delay in a student’s ability to access pharmacy care.

While this process may take several months, when complete, students will be able to access pharmacy services with the added convenience of easy prescription refill options, increased operating hours, mail service and multiple location options.