St. Patrick's Day: Party Safe

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Published March 10, 2023

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to use alcohol and other drugs — and if you do decide to, we’re here to help you and your friends reduce risk. 

With St. Patrick’s Day and spring break approaching, many of us are looking forward to relaxing and unwinding. For some that may involve bingeing the latest Netflix show, for others that might involve having a drink or two on vacation or at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. From bystander workshops to alternative events, the Health Promotion Office is your one-stop shop for tools to ensure a healthy relationship with drugs and alcohol this spring, and help you be successful at UB. 

Test your luck the healthful way: Attend an alcohol-free event

Consider celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and the last day of classes before break with some alcohol-free activities, including Health Promotion’s free St. Patrick’s Day Bingo event on March 17 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. in the Student Union Social Hall, snacks and green drinks provided. We'll be playing for some epic prizes you won’t want to miss. 

Get on board: Attend a workshop to improve your bystander skills

Recognizing Limits: Bystander Intervention for Alcohol Use

Bystander Intervention for Alcohol Use is a free workshop offered to any student who wishes to learn harm reduction practices when encountering persons under the influence of other drugs. Attend our workshop on Wednesday, March 15 at 11 a.m. in SU 222.

Not everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day: Know yourself and your limits

If you do choose to drink, remember that most students make responsible choices when it comes to their alcohol use. Get to know your drinking patterns and risk patterns, and know your limits. If you need help taking a look at your usage and risk and would like personalized feedback, consider taking an online assessment.

Alternatively, AOD specialists are available to meet with students one on one to discuss concerns about oneself or others, as well as any topic related to alcohol and other drugs, and can be reached by contacting the AOD Harm Reduction Program Coordinator at

Keep calm and shamrock on: Party Safe Tips

Finally, if you do choose to use alcohol or other drugs this spring, here are some tips to party smart and stay safe: 

  • Avoid drinking games, shots and chugging. Keep track of your drinks and pace them to one per hour. Choose a drink with lower alcohol content. Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 
  • Avoid mystery drinks with unknown alcohol content (e.g., “Jungle Juice”)
  • Avoid mixing alcohol with energy drinks.  
  • Eat before and during drinking. 
  • Use the buddy system to make sure everyone has fun and gets home safely.  If a friend is exhibiting signs of alcohol poisoning, seek help.
  • Do not drive after consuming alcohol or cannabis, have a plan to get home.

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