Dean of Students: March Message

image of lavender reception program and rainbow graduation tassle.

Published March 12, 2021

A message from the Dean of Students regarding gathering for upcoming holidays.

Dear UB Students:

As we continue to work together to navigate this semester, I am encouraged by the decline in positive cases on our campus and within our community. However, I want to remind you that we must remain vigilant in following all health and safety guidelines, especially as the weather continues to improve and future optimism grows.

I urge each of you to be smart and be safe, specifically in regards to the upcoming spring holidays. Attending off-campus events where you cannot wear a mask and/or maintain social distancing, including large off-campus parties, is strongly discouraged and could jeopardize the rest of our semester.

As a reminder, here are the current UB guidelines for gatherings.

I understand that most of our students know the importance of compliance with our university health and safety guidelines. Your failure to comply with these guidelines is a serious disregard for the health and welfare of our entire campus.

Let’s continue to make good choices that benefit our community so we can finish this semester on a positive note.


Barbara J. Ricotta
Dean of Students