A Message of Unity from the Dean of Students

Published April 21, 2021

UB is offering a number of resources to help students navigate these uncertain and stressful times.

Dear Students,

It’s easy to understand why most of our students and campus community have been so deeply impacted by the historical events over the past year. This includes the recent trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin. Now more than ever, we need to address these challenges in our nation, while showing compassion, empathy and support for each other.

These acts of injustice and the inevitable unrest it creates are stressful and at times can ignite a series of emotions. During these periods, it is important that our administration, faculty and staff stand ready to support our students when they need it most. As a university, we continue to provide the resources necessary to manage, engage, and ultimately work through these very stressful events. We hope you find these support resources helpful, as we navigate together as a united campus community.

It has been a difficult and at times uncertain year, but together we have persevered. Thank you for joining me in our efforts to bring change and a more equitable and inclusive campus community for years to come.

With compassion,

Barbara J. Ricotta

Dean of Students

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