UB True Success Starts with You

Published August 19, 2019

Find True Success this semester by getting involved early, planning ahead and learning skills to help you succeed. 

Majors and Careers

student thinking about her future career.

True: We can help you make a confident, informed decision about your major, find an on-campus job and plan your career path.

Healthy Mind and Body

students doing yoga.

True: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can improve your academic performance. 

Celebrate Differences and Similarities

students dancing in the student union.

True: UB is committed to creating a sense of belonging and supporting all students.

Know Your Academic Resources

student talking to an advisor.

True: Utilizing faculty, tutoring, academic resources and practicing positive study skills can lead to a successful UB experience.

Ask Questions

See your advisor if you have any questions regarding your major, academic schedule, or concerns about a class. Make sure you know your responsibilities before asking your advisor for help!

Balancing Priorities

Students studying with peers.

True: Developing an academic plan and setting expectations can help to balance your academic schedule with your social schedule. 

Managing Stress

Students practicing yoga for stress management.

True: Managing your stress and recognizing anxiety can help maintain a strong mind and body.

Engage Early

students engaging with peers on campus.

True: Joining a club or activity can help you get involved and make friends.

Expand Your Interests

Make the most out of your UB experience by trying something new, volunteering or collaborating with classmates. UB offers many opportunities to engage with your peers.

Connect with Your Peers

Meeting new friends, connecting with new people and understanding different cultures is all part of the UB experience.

Transitioning to College

students studying with laptops.

True: Setting goals and developing plans can help you accomplish your goals. In addition to advising, UB offers workshops to help you succeed.

Stay Informed

There is never a shortage of things to do on campus. The UB Student Experience's accounts keep you up to date with events, tips, reminders, and unique campus happenings. Follow us today on:

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Need Help?

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