Keep Thriving

Take this time to take care of yourself, learn new skills, and discover programs and services that can help you achieve your goals.



  • Search for interests and get involved at UBLinked
  • Learn about virtual engagement opportunities
  • In every class – in-person or online – make a point to connect with at least one peer. Share contact information, trade notes, or simply ask “how’s your day?”

Skill Building

  • Think about skills that would complement your major
  • Don't forget to develop soft skills (communications, leadership, relating to others, etc.)

Resources to Explore

Need help making a plan?

Taking a positive approach to personal development, Wellness Coaches can help you set and achieve meaningful goals.

Upcoming Events

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Virtual Recreation

Current UB Students can now enjoy modified services and programming from UB Recreation. In addition, there are other opportunities to get exercise for residential students through Campus Living.