UB Experience Certificate Program

Learn outside the classroom. Gain confidence. Articulate the skills and experiences that can shape your life and boost your career.

About the Certificate

The UB Experience Certificate provides you with opportunities to get engaged, be prepared, and grow your professional network through professional development. 

Explore Buffalo’s community, providing service while learning about the needs and opportunities around you. Use your talents, time, and resources to make a difference, all under the mentorship of researchers, faculty, and community leaders.

Explore career paths, participate in internships, make connections with employers and cultivate the skills and work experience necessary for your success. Clarify and support career goals while under the mentorship of researchers, faculty, staff, and prospective employers.

Explore the world and realize your impact, all under the mentorship of faculty, researchers, and staff.

Get Started

Schedule an advising appointment with one of our Student Engagement Ambassadors to learn more about how to get started and what it takes to complete this certificate.

Certificate Requirements

The first step in obtaining the UB Experience certificate is to have a one-on-one meeting with a Student Engagement Ambassador (SEA) who will work with you on finding 4 NACE Competency areas for you to improve on.

Please complete two activities in each of the 4 NACE Competency areas you have decided to develop. Once completed, please write a two-page paper answering the reflection question(s). Reflections will be completed through a form on UBLinked.

NACE Competency Areas

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