Get your books, groceries, pharmaceutical supplies and everything you need to be comfortable here at UB.

Shopping Locations



Destination Description Getting There
Shopping malls, grocery stores, entertainment
Take a UB bus to popular stores and entertainment locations.
View schedules and find out where the Mall and Market Shuttles can take you.
Gift Cards and Campus Essentials

You may also be able to order gift cards through Campus Dining and Shops, as well as campus essentials that can be delivered to one of the on-campus convenience stores. To learn more, please visit the Campus Dining and Shops website.

> Visit the Campus Dining and Shops website

Pharmacy Services

On Campus

South Campus

SBI Pharmacy (Michael Hall)

This pharmacy (part of SBI, a student-owned corporation) accepts student health insurance plans only. If you have another health insurance plan, you should contact them for a price quote.

North Campus

The Elli (in Ellicott Complex) and CVS (in The Commons) offer some over-the-counter (OTC) medications. However, these locations do not have on-site pharmacies.

Off Campus

There are various retail pharmacies near both campuses. Check with your health insurance provider to find your preferred pharmacy.