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Student Life is offering students ways to stay connected through virtual activities, workshops and more.

Staying Connected to Campus

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UB Clubs and Organizations are meeting virtually and in-person throughout the semester. It's never too late to join!

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Listening for Leadership

You’ve probably heard of the saying “leaders aren’t born, they’re made” by Vince Lombardi. But HOW are they actually made? Can anyone be a leader? In the LEAD On! Podcast, we talk to everyone - those that have your typical leadership positions and those in some unexpected roles - and break down how they got to where they are while uncovering their secrets of great leadership. Join us weekly on a journey of other’s leadership experiences so that you can discover your own. Everyone can be a leader, you just have to learn how!

Advocating for Diversity

Join the IDC in creating a strong sense of belonging by celebrating our differences as proudly as we celebrate our commonalities. Students can broaden their perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of our ever-changing world with a number of unique events and workshops.

Starting Your Mindfulness Journey

Mindfulness strategies allow students to access present moment experiences to assist them to better cope with stress and manage their emotions during tumultuous times.  The University at Buffalo’s Health Promotion office provides free 4-session Koru introduction to mindfulness classes for undergraduate and graduate students. Register on UBLinked!

Exploring Entrepreneurship

Blackstone LaunchPad continues to offer venture coaching and workshops virtually. Sign up for their newsletter for the most up-to-date information.

About Virtual Leadership Academy

Elevate your leadership skills. Network with and learn from experts in the field. Build professional relationships with other student leaders at UBuffalo. Together, we lead.

The Virtual Leadership Academy is a new program hosted by Student Engagement. Intentionally designed to engage students in conversations about leadership skills and strategies, this 8-week long program will help students discover who they are as a leader and develop their full leadership potential. We'll host weekly discussions and small group meetings that allow students to take a deep dive into what it means to be a leader and how they can leverage their skills to stand out amongst UBuffalo student leaders. 

This program will be delivered synchronously through an online platform. 

Applications are Closed!

Check back in January 2022 for more information on the Spring 2022 Virtual Leadership Academy!

Virtual Leadership Academy Curriculum

We'll present topics relevant to current students and our global society and examine them through a leadership lens.