Torch Leadership Certificate Program

Gain confidence. Discover the skills that can shape your life and boost your career. Enjoy thoughtful discussions with other students about how you can make a positive, lasting change as a leader.

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About the Torch Leadership Certificate

The Torch Leadership Certificate program is designed for aspiring leaders — typically students who are interested in becoming a leader and want to take the first steps here. Through this program, you will work with a Student Engagement Ambassador to choose from a variety of leadership-focused workshops, classes and other programs. Once you complete the program, you will receive a certificate that verifies your leadership training and experience.

After you complete the Torch program, you are eligible for the PEAK Advanced Leadership Certificate program.

How to Earn the Torch Certificate

To earn your Torch leadership certificate, you must demonstrate that you are committed to learning about leadership and developing your skills as a leader. Specifically, you will need to complete the following steps:

Training (complete 1)

  • 4 Life and Learning Workshops (Student Engagement and Intercultural and Diversity Center)


  • Leadership Training Camp 


  • 1 Safe Zone Training (Intercultural and Diversity Center)


Complete Group A or  Group B

Group A (complete 2)

  • 1 In-Focus Discussion (IDC)
  • 1 World Bazaar (IDC)
  • 1 Dessert Hour
  • 1 Dinner Crew (IDC)
  • 1 Experience UB Fair
  • 1 Tough Topics (IDC)

Group B

  • Diversity Zone (3 Parts - IDC)

Complete Group C or  Group D

Group C (complete 1)

  • WNY Student Leadership Conference
  • LEAD UB Conference

Group D (complete 1)

  • UBE 102 - Dynamics of Leadership (Spring Semester)
  • UBE 110 - Interpersonal Skills for Leading and Serving

Development (complete 1)

  • A minimum of 20 Hours of community service including at least 1 Pride Service Day/Saturday of Service
  • Active Membership in a club or organization

Leadership Portfolio

  • Provide a leadership philosophy essay, and an updated UBLinked Co-Curricular Transcript

Get Started

If you are interested in the Torch certificate program, please sign up for a leadership advising appointment to get started.

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