Take the ‘UB the Impact Challenge’

Students can be honored during Volunteer Appreciation Week — and receive service cords for graduation — when you complete 500 hours of service while attending UB.

To get recognized through the “UB the Impact Challenge,” simply track your service hours on UBLinked (using the Service Hours tab from the Involvement section, under your name). When you complete 500 or more hours of community service before graduation, you can apply to receive your “UB the Impact” cords to wear when you graduate.

Service that counts toward the UB the Impact Challenge includes:

  • Participating in any service event organized by Student Engagement
  • Volunteering with a community organization
  • Volunteering with a campus event (e.g., Relay For Life)
  • Performing an unpaid internship for which you don’t receive credit
  • Doing a service project with your student organization
  • Helping your student organization plan an event that helps a community organization
  • Participating in an Alternative Break trip
  • Fundraising for a community organization
  • Conducting service hours as a part certificate program
  • Service learning

If you aren’t sure if your activities will count as service, please contact the Student Engagement office.

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