UBXL Certificate Program

Learn outside the classroom. Gain confidence. Articulate the skills and experiences that can shape your life and boost your career.

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About the UB Experiential Learning Certificate (UBXL)

The UBXL certificate program is designed to help students get resume-worthy experience to build skills and competencies that students can apply in their courses and future careers. Through this program, you will work with a Student Engagement Ambassador to choose from a variety of opportunities, classes, and other programs. Once you complete the experiences and reflections, you will receive a certificate that verifies your participation.

How to Earn Your UBXL Certificate

To earn your UBXL certificate, you will need to complete the following:

Education (complete A or B)

Group A (Complete 2)

  • One (1) Experience UB Fair
  • One (1) Career, Job, or Internship Fair
  • One (1) Study Abroad Fair
  • One (1) Alt Break info session
  • One (1) REALM info session
  • One (1) Unoffice hour at ELN  

OR Group B (complete 1)

  • One (1) UBE 496: Experiential Learning class
  • One (1) MGG 298: Career Connections course
  • One (1) UGE 201: Experiential Learning Network LLC class

Development (complete 1)

  • Complete 20 hours of community service on or off-campus in the Buffalo or WNY community and tracked hours online through UBLinked.


  • Demonstrated active membership in a club or organization on-campus (for at least one semester) and submitted a written reflection which answered designated questions about the experience.

Experience (complete 1 from each group)

Works (career-focused)

  • Co-ops
  • Peer mentor
  • Resident Assistants
  • Orientation Leader
  • UB Stars tour guide
  • Work Study and other campus employment
  • Tutor
  • UBX Course work (career focused)

Serves (community- and service-focused)

  • Alternative Break trip
  • Saturdays of Service,
  • Pride and Service day
  • Community engagement experience (on or off campus),
  • UBX course work (service-learning)
  • Other experience approved by Student Engagement

Discovers (discovery- or globally-focused)

  • Research
  • Study Abroad
  • Alternative Breaks
  • participation in a Blackstone Launchpad Program: Blasers, workshop series, training series
  • UBX course work (global or research focused)
  • ­­­­­­­Other experience approved by Student Engagement

Reflection Essays (complete 1 for each category)

  • Works
  • Serves
  • Discovers

E-Portfolio or Resume

  • Upload resume or e-portfolio that represents at least 2 of your 3 UBXL experiences.  Be able to articulate the skills and competencies gained during your UBXL experiences.
  • A résumé critiqued by Career Services and interview prep
  • Interview Stream uploaded with responses to UBXL questions


  • E-portfolio with 1-2 Experiential Learning opportunities represented


  • Completion of Reflection Essay

Get Started

If you are interested in the UBXL certificate program, please sign up for a Student Engagement Ambassador appointment to get started.

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