LEAD UB Conference

Get a deeper understanding of topics related to leadership, service and student development by attending the LEAD UB Conference one-day conference.

LEAD stands for Leadership, Engagement, Advocacy and Development; this conference is designed to bring students from across UB and the surroudning communities together to learn about and engage in topics related to leadership, service, and overall student development. You can expect engaging and relevant speakers, roundtable discussions, and the discovery of new skills and programs for you to be involved with.

Sessions and activities will be listed under the tabs below one week before conference kick-off!

October 26 – 29, 2020

UBITName and password required

Day 1: Leadership Day 2: Engagement Day 3: Advocacy Day 4: Development

Day 1: Leadership

We will kick-off our conference by starting with the foundation of this program - leadership! Discover your natural leadership style, understand how to leverage your leadership experiences, and realize your full leadership potential with these insightful sessions.

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