ALANA (Students of Color) Programming

In the IDC, we provide support for the ALANA (Students of Color) community through services and educational programs.

Supporting ALANA (Students of Color)

The IDC supports ALANA (Students of Color) communities by providing social and educational programs that celebrate the rich histories and cultures of these diverse communities, and address current issues within and outside of UB that impact them.  ALANA programming includes but is not limited to  Heritage Month Celebrations and the annual ALANA Celebration of Achievement for graduating students.

Heritage Months

In the United States, Heritage Months are periods within the year that are designated to celebrate and acknowledge various ethnic groups.  These are times not only to celebrate, but also to educate others on various groups' histories and contributions.

  • Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)
  • National American Indian Heritage Month (November 1-November 30)
  • Black History Heritage Month (February 1-February 28)
  • Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month (May 1-May 31)

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