Leading the Charge

Lizzy Goldrick, UB Marching Band.

As a quadruplet, Lizzy Goldrick knows you have to work harder to stand out. Through Marching Band, she is showcasing herself as a leader.

Setting an Example

Like most student groups, Marching Band gives students the chance to practice their leadership skills, and gain the experience that can help them through college—and throughout their careers. At band practice, “you want to act as a leader to the people around you,” says Lizzy. “You want them to look at you and say, ‘That’s what I need to be.’ ”

Marching Band definitely gave me the leadership skills I need to enter any kind of workplace. When you’re practicing, you want to act as a leader to the people around you.” 

Stepping Up to the Challenge

A former drum major in high school, Lizzy had a “reality check” in band camp, where she realized she still had a lot more to learn about marching band. Fortunately, her bandmates and instructors were there to help. “This band is definitely a lot more tight-knit than high school—everyone who’s here wants to be here,” notes Lizzy, who now helps new students get acclimated to UB and the band.

Staying Focused on Academics

Joining a group—especially one as time-intensive as band—might seem “overwhelming” at first, as Lizzy puts it. But it actually helps her manage her schedule better. “I’m a bit of a procrastinator, but marching band keeps me on my toes. I know what I have to do.” In fact, Lizzy—a Spanish major, and intended Speech and Hearing Science major—says that her grades are actually better because she’s in the band.

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