About Us

Davis Hall on UB's North Campus.

The Center for Space Cyber Strategy and Cyber Security is the only academic, system-focused, space cyber center in the United States.

Our center is managed and operated by the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, and encompasses the interdisciplinary capabilities of several departments and institutional partners.

The center focuses on all possible space cyber threats, which includes security of space assets from cyber intrusions such as hijacking, space cyber threats such as jamming and obfuscation of satellite operations whether they be physical (such as blocking a satellite’s view) or electronic (spoofing, use of directed-energy weapons), satellite-to-satellite communication disruptions such as relay interruptions, and ground station defense, including protecting existing ground stations and mitigating adversarial ground stations meant to breach existing security systems. The center focuses equally on identification and mitigation of all space cyber threats and on related space cyber strategies. Our research thus spans all elements of the digital cyberspace topography as part of our holistic approach to this complex domain.

Network security concept.

Our mission is to serve as a focal point for research and development in space cyber threats, and to transfer this technology to customers in operational system environments. Our systemic perspective couples to a multidisciplinary approach for studying all aspects of cyber security and strategy that may affect satellite operations. This includes both offensive measures, such as penetration testing of satellite and ground station software systems, and defensive measures, such as development and testing of cyber resilient space systems. Confronting space cyber challenges involves university, government, industry, and international action.