Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor, Ph.D., is a UB Philosophy alumnus, and has been a (full-time) lecturer in philosophy at North Dakota State University in Fargo since 2013. His research interests are primarily in metaphysics and the philosophy of religion with a healthy sideline in ethics and well-being.

Adam Taylor.

Adam Taylor

Working Groups

  • Health, Harm, and Well-Being
  • Health and Disease
  • Philosophical Foundations of Bioethics

Selected Publications

“Dualism, Panpsychism, and the Moral Status of Brainless Embryos” with David Hershenov 2016. Ethics, Medicine and Public Health. Special Issue on Personal Identity and Bioethics. 2:4, 593– 601.

 “Personal Identity and the Possibility of Autonomy.” With David Hershenov. Dialectica. Forthcoming

“Can Ordinary Materialists be Autonomous?” With David Hershenov. 2016. Philosophia Christi. 18:2, 385-405