Jake Monaghan

Jake Monaghan (Ph.D., Buffalo) is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of New Orleans with an appointment in UNO’s Urban Entrepreneurship and Policy Institute. He works on the ethics of consent in medicine and politics and on the role-based obligations of medical professionals and police officers. He has published in the Philosophical Quarterly, the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, the Journal of Political Philosophy, and elsewhere.

Jake Monaghan.

Jake Monaghan

Working Groups

  • Autonomy, Addiction, and Accountability
  • Clinical Ethics
  • Health, Harm, and Well-Being
  • Philosophical Foundations of Bioethics

Selected Work

“Biological Ties and Biological Accounts of Moral Status," The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy (forthcoming).

“On Enforcing Unjust Laws in a Just Society," Philosophical Quarterly 68/273 (2019): 758-778.

“Killing in Self-Defense and the Case for Biocentric Individualism," Environmental Values 27/2 (2018): 119-36.

“The Special Moral Obligations of Law Enforcement," Journal of Political Philosophy 25/2 (2017): 218-37.