Jelena Krgovic

Jelena Krgovic's research interests are primarily in philosophy of psychiatry, philosophy of medicine and existentialism. She holds a Ph.D in philosophy in 2016 from SUNY at Buffalo where she wrote her dissertation "Existential Psychoanalysis and the Nature of Mental Disorder”. In the dissertation she focuses on providing a new definition of mental illness — one that starts by understanding mental health, and takes into account phenomenological understanding of the person as a whole in order to delineate between disvalued behavior, human suffering and mental illness. Her approach to this problem draws on Sartre's philosophy, especially his existential psychoanalyses of Flaubert and Jean Genet. She is currently working on the significance and role of communication in mental disorder.

Jelena Krgovic.

Jelena Krgovic

Working Groups

  • Ontology of Health and Disease

Selected Publications