Innovative, Interdisciplinary Research

RIA's Neurobiological Researchers

RIA is home to bright, passionate scientists whose work covers a broad range of addiction-related topics.

Our researchers work in a culture of scientific and organizational support that nurtures creativity, multidisciplinary thinking and research success.

RIA scientists are engaged in a variety of multiyear-funded projects that represent a range of interdisciplinary studies. Methodologies used include surveys, laboratory experiments, ecological momentary assessments, clinical outcome studies and sophisticated statistical techniques.

RIA scientists conduct groundbreaking research about the brain mechanisms that create a vulnerability to addiction in order to develop alternative approaches to treating addiction.
Our researchers study the many factors that can lead to addiction, including prenatal exposure to alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, social/cultural influences, family dynamics and personality types.
We examine the impact of addiction on interpersonal relationships, the workplace, sexual behavior, aggression and other social and health problems.
RIA is at the forefront of testing and refining new treatment options for providers who deliver real-world intervention to patients experiencing alcohol and drug-related problems.