Adsorption Properties and Air Quality Applications for Novel Carbonaceous Materials

Project Summary

Research Advisor:  John D. Atkinson (Environmental Engineering)

Project Theme:  Pollutant Source Control

Organic wastes, including coal, wood, used automobile tires, and discarded nutshells, can be readily converted into industrially relevant activated carbon products. These low-cost materials are used for trapping air pollutants through adsorption, preventing their release to the atmosphere. In this project, unique organic starting materials will be used to prepare novel activated carbons. The corresponding physical, chemical, and adsorption properties of the prepared materials will be identified and quantified, in an effort to develop cost-effective and efficient adsorbents for air pollution control applications. Particular attention will be paid towards the development of novel CO2 adsorbents.

Primary Activities:  Laboratory Testing; Materials Characterization

Skills/Courses Recommended:  Basic Knowledge of General Chemistry; Introduction to Environmental Engineering; Mass Transfer

Anticipated Conference Participation:  Air & Waste Management Association; Council on Undergraduate Research REU Symposium