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  • Abcombi Biosciences Inc.


    Formed: 2015

    Abcombi Biosciences Inc (ABI) is a preclinical-stage biotechnology company founded upon technological breakthroughs developed at the University at Buffalo. Our technology platforms can be tailored and applied to any disease treatable via prophylactic vaccination.

    ABI was founded and is guided by the knowledge and insights of world-leading experts in the infectious disease, vaccine, animal health, and antigen delivery technology fields. The company is backed by funds and investments provided by the NIH and the Bruce Holm Memorial Catalyst Fund, and we have exclusive patent agreements with the University at Buffalo.

  • Athenex


    Formed: 2003

    Athenex (formerly Kinex), founded on UB technology, has followed an ambitious growth track after raising tens of millions of dollars from Asian investors. The company has 325 employees globally and soon will see construction begin on two drug manufacturing and distribution facilities in China, as well as a $200M drug manufacturing facility in Dunkirk, NY.

    There are several drugs in the pipeline, but most notably is a clinical trial on an oral form of a highly potent cancer drug. Cancer medication taken orally is expected to be more tolerable, convenient, and effective for patients. 

  • Buffalo BioBlower


    Formed: 2005

    Buffalo BioBlower is developing a device that uses compressive heating to instantly sterilize air, with no chemicals, radiation or filters. The company has received significant funding from DOD for development and testing, potentially for mobile hospital and command units.

  • CH3 BioSystems


    Formed: 2007

    Founded by a former UB professor and inventor, CH3 manufactures novel molecular tools to help biomedical research better understand cancer and autoimmunal, neuro-developmental, viral, and cardiovascular diseases that affect millions of people around the world.

  • Cytocybernetics


    Formed: 2013

    Cytocyberneics connects living cells and computers in order to help improve drug safety screening for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Daedalus Innovations


    Formed: 2005

    Daedalus sells a reverse micelle system for use with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance probes that increase resolution when NMR is used to determine the structure of large proteins.  

  • Dynamic Eye

    Dynamic Eye.

    Formed: 2004

    Dynamic Eye is developing glare-shielding technologies for aircraft canopies and specialized sun glasses that can protect people and operators from dangerous conditions caused by the sun. Originally founded in Buffalo, the company is currently located in Pittsburgh.

  • First Wave Products Group

    First Wave.

    Formed: 2003

    First Wave Technologies, Inc. is a product development company launched by UB with funding from ECIDA, Moog and Greatbatch. FWPG is a spin-off that manufactures and sells a pill crusher originally developed at UB.

  • For Robin


    Formed: 2012

    A therapeutic drug development company focused on humanized antibody treatment for cancer with emphasis on breast cancer.

  • Graphenix Development


    Formed: 2009

    Graphenix Development is developing a method for producing graphene and graphene coatings. Graphene is a single layer lattice of carbon atoms that is 200 times stronger than steel, with twice the thermal conductivity of diamond, and better electrical conductivity than silver or gold. Applications include printed electronics, lithium batteries and ultracapacitors, and conductive filler.

  • Imagination Software

    Imagination Software.

    Formed: 2007

    Buffalo-based Imagination Software is developing state-of-the-art image analysis and 3D visualization software for medical applications. Initial funding has been secured through SBIR grants.

  • Integument Technologies


    Formed: 1995

    Integument Technologies manufactures and sells high performance coating systems for severe environment protection including lightning strike protection on new composite aircraft and wind turbine systems.

  • Liaison International


    Formed: 1990

    Initially founded in Buffalo as Academic Management Systems, Liaison International provides admissions management solutions to more than 4,500 higher education programs. Over the last 20+ years, Liaison has built strong relationships with educational associations by powering some of the most admired admissions offices in the country.

  • Lumisyn


    Formed: 2014

    Lumisyn develops high-performance cadmium-free phosphors to enhance lighting and optoelectronic products. The company is bringing to market novel temperature and optical-flux stable nanocrystal materials. Lumisyn phosphors are designed as drop-in replacements for current rare-earth based phosphors and will improve efficiency and color rendering in solid state lighting applications.

  • Medical Conservation Devices


    Formed: 2005

    Medical Conservation Devices is a second spin-off from First Wave Technologies that is developing a rebreathing circuit to safely and affordably deliver anesthetic gases for sedation in the ICU.  

  • Nanobiotix


    Formed: 2003

    Formed in France by a former UB student and co-inventor, Nanobiotix is in Phase I clinical trials with NanoXray™, a nanoparticle used to target, localize and intensify the dose of x-ray delivered to a tumor. Nanobiotix went public in an IPO on the NYSE in 2012.

  • NuvOx Pharma


    Formed: 2008

    NuvOx is developing a perfluorocarbon emulsion product that was shown at UB to be effective in enhancing the exchange of gases when administered in the blood stream. Known as “bubble blood”, the initial demonstration of the product was as a blood substitute in acute care situations. NuvOx is currently funded to study potential use as a radiation sensitizer for hypoxic tumors.

  • ONY Inc.


    Formed: 1986

    Produces INFASURF ®, a prescription pharmaceutical drug that is instilled into the lungs of newborns infants with, or at risk for, respiratory failure. ONY has been an anchor tenant of the UB Technology Incubator since its inception in 1989.

  • OptoElectronic Nanodevices


    Formed: 2011

    OptoElectronic Nanodevices LLC has been established to commercialize scientific and engineering achievements into real optoelectronic devices, such as solar cells and photodetectors. The company develops novel optoelectronic nanomaterials with enhanced photoresponse, high photovoltaic efficiency, and low recombination losses. The company has been founded by UB professors highly qualified in the area of photonics, nanoelectronics, and material science. The company provides design of advanced devices and technological support.

  • PeptiDream


    Formed: 2006

    Formed in Tokyo by a former UB professor and inventor, PeptiDream is a biopharmaceutical company that uses UB patented technology to discover and produce non-standard peptide therapeutics. The company is pursuing its own discovery programs and also provides contract services to pharma clients. PeptiDream went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2013.

  • Photolitec


    Formed: 2007

    Buffalo-based Photolitec is developing novel photodynamic therapy compounds that can be used to both image and destroy cancer cells. The technology is a result of collaboration among Roswell Park Cancer Institute, UB and University of Michigan researchers.  

  • PLS 3rd Learning


    Formed: 2007

    PLS 3rd Learning continues to enhance and market the NYLearns™ standards-based system originally developed in the UB Graduate School of Education. Located in downtown Buffalo, PLS 3rd Learning also develops innovative technology projects and professional development initiatives that enhance teaching and learning.

  • POP Biotechnologies

    POP Biotech.

    Formed: 2015

    POP Biotech is a Buffalo, NY company developing an innovative light activated drug delivery platform which utilizes photosensitive liposomal nanocarriers to deliver a concentrated dose of treatment with unprecedented spatial and temporal control, maximizing therapeutic efficacy, while minimizing the potential for the potentially severe side effects associated with unintended drug exposure. The company took first place in the 2015 Panasci business plan competition.

  • Precision Scientific Instruments


    Formed: 2011

    PSi™ offers a US Patented ultra-precise research measurement system used for the development  of subnano materials and devices – “where miniature is about to get significantly smaller”™.

  • RMT-Epigenomex


    Formed: 2014

    RMT's innovation focuses on the life sciences field of epigenetics with products and services that dramatically reduce the time and cost of epigenetic drug development.

  • Simulated Surgical Systems

    Simulated Surgical Systems.

    Formed: 2009

    Simulated Surgical Systems manufactures and sells the RoSS surgical simulator. Hospital customers use the RoSS to train surgeons to use the highly successful DaVinci robotic surgery system. The invention is the result of collaboration between UB and Roswell Park researchers. SSS is a Buffalo-based company. The company was acquired in 2014.

  • SmartPill Corp.


    Formed: 2003

    SmartPill manufactures and sells the SmartPill, an FDA approved wireless motility capsule procedure for the evaluation of gastrointestinal motility disorders. SmartPill was acquired by Given Imaging in 2012.

  • Talker Inc.


    Formed: 2002

    The "Talker" is a laptop-based computer system with a touch-screen interface and synthetic voice that helps its users, both children and adults, communicate.

  • Therex, LLC.


    Formed: 2002

    Buffalo-based Therex, a company formed by three UB faculty members, is developing salicylanilide chemical compounds with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties based on their prior research. Dental and dermatology applications are being explored. Therex has an office in the UB Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences (CBLS).

  • Tonus Therapeutics


    Formed: 2009

    Buffalo-based Tonus is developing GsMtx-4, a peptide derived from spider venom that has been shown to be effective against Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Tonus has received orphan drug status from the FDA for this application and secured state and foundation funding to advance their product.

  • Zoetic Pharmaceuticals


    Formed: 2014

    ZOETIC Pharmaceuticals (ZPI) is a preclinical stage company that is advancing platform technologies, licensed from the University at Buffalo, to enhance the safety and effectiveness of biotherapeutics. One platform is focused on reducing immunogenicity, and extending the half-life, of intravenously injected bio-therapeutics by utilizing a “stealth” delivery approach for the drug. The second platform is focused on inducing immune tolerance of subcutaneously administered bio-therapeutics through an “instructor” model that helps the drug to be accepted by the body and not be interpreted as foreign.