Protocol Information

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Title Photoacoustic imaging of the swallowing process
Description We are looking for healthy volunteers for a study to see how well a non-invasive imaging technique allows researchers to see inside the human body. In this study, we want to see whether the this imaging technique can be used for a swallowing assessment. The technique combines light and sound to create an image.

You will be asked to be in the study for 1 visit lasting about 30 minutes. You will ingest common foods/liquids, such as chocolate or green tea. You will then have a painless picture of your neck taken by an ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging machine. Study visit takes place at UB's North Campus.

Participants may be compensated.
Principal Investigator XIA, JUN
Age Group Adult
Drugs Involved
Status Open
Key Eligibility Age 18
Not Pregnant
Disease Group Healthy Volunteers; Other
Contact JUN XIA
+1 716-645-8628