Protocol Information

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Title RE-AIMing Nurses for Sleep Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (Sleep-SBIRT)
Description Through this research we aim to: a) explore the feasibility and acceptability of a professional development program to Screen, deliver a Brief Intervention and provide Referrals for Treatment of sleep disorders (Sleep SBIRT) in improving knowledge and clinical confidence in cancer nurses at RPCI; and b) perform a formative evaluation of the Sleep-SBIRT professional development program. Results from this research will inform investigators of potential and actual influences on the processand effectiveness of this training.

Participants will be asked to partake in the study for 6 months

Study visits will be at Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Objective The aim of this study is to test a professional development program for cancer nurses to screen for sleep disorders, provide a brief intervention and referral to treatment for cancer survivors.

Keywords: Registered Nurses (RN)
Principal Investigator DEAN, GRACE
Age Group Adult
Drugs Involved
Status Open
Key Eligibility Age 21+
Registered Nurses employed at Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Full-time and part-time registered nurses
Completed one year of continuous employment at Roswell Park
Disease Group Healthy Volunteers; Other
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