Protocol Information

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Title Child and adult language
Description We are examining the way adults and children learn and process language. Participation involves visiting our lab and completing a short, non-invasive test. It often involves watching a movie, listening to sounds, or playing a game. Such procedures allow us to capture your childÂ’s behavior without them needing to talk! Our procedures are adapted to your child's age and are fun to do. Participants (in adult studies) and parents of participants (in child studies) may also be asked to complete a language background questionnaire.

The study takes place at UB North Campus.

There are three ways to register your child with us:
1. Call us to enroll by phone or to request a paper application: (716) 645-0254
2. Email us:
3. Register online:
Principal Investigator VAN HEUGTEN, MARIEKE
Age Group Children
Drugs Involved
Status Open
Key Eligibility Children between 4 months to 12 years of age
Adults ages 18+
Disease Group Behavioral Research; Children's Health/Pediatrics; Other
+1 716-645-0254