Protocol Information

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Title Photoacoustic imaging of human breast
Description This study is being conducted to see how well a non-invasive imaging technique allows researchers to see blood inside the human body. The technique combines light and sound to create an image.  We would like to see how well this imaging technique can show breast tissue malignancy.

You will be asked to be in the study for one visit lasting about 30 minute.  You will complete an imaging procedure similar to a breast mammogram. However, we will use very gentle breast compression and the technique will involve only near infrared light and ultrasound. The study will be performed by one or two female Ph.D. students from University at Buffalo.

Participants will be compensated.
Principal Investigator XIA, JUN
Age Group Adult
Drugs Involved
Status Open
Key Eligibility Women ages 35+ who have had suspicious breast masses (that have not been surgically removed) and will undergo/have undergone breast MRI.
  Cannot be pregnant, cannot have had breast implants in the last 6 months, cannot have had lumpectomy or are undergoing chemotherapy.
Disease Group Other
Contact JUN XIA
+1 716-645-8628