Protocol Information

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Title "Genes for Buffalo" saliva sample collection project
Description Genes for Buffalo is a research project to collect saliva samples from adult Buffalonians
(18 years or older) to contribute to the worldwide search for the causes and cures of
human diseases. By creating a database of DNA sequences (the genetic material)
from Buffalonians and linking it to a list of the diseases they suffer from, we will be
able to search for sequences that affect many medical conditions. The database is
made such that no personal information like your name or address or doctor is kept,
so that your personal medical information is not viewable. This helps ensure your

Consent forms are available at your UBMD provider when you are taken back for your appointment.  You'll be given a saliva sample collection tube (with instructions) to fill and return to the nurse.
Principal Investigator GRONOSTAJSKI, RICHARD
Age Group Adult
Drugs Involved
Status Open
Key Eligibility Age 18+
Disease Group Genetic Disorders; Other
+1 716-881-7510