Protocol Information

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Title Photoacoustic imaging of human arm
Description We are developing a new imaging modality that combines light and sound to provide more information about tissue in the body. The ultimate goal of the study is to use this imaging technology for lymph node or breast imaging. To achieve these goals, we need to first find out the best light and mathematical settings for the images.

The study will last about 30 minutes per session. You may participate in multiple (up to ten) study sessions, each on a separate day.  You will have a painless picture of their arm taken by ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging machine.

Study visit(s) take place at UB's North Campus.

Compensation is not available for this study.
Principal Investigator XIA, JUN
Age Group Adult
Drugs Involved
Status Open
Key Eligibility Age 18 +
No known skin disorders
Not pregnant
Disease Group Healthy Volunteers; Other
Contact JUN XIA
+1 716-645-8628