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Title Protocol Number Status
Photoacoustic imaging of human arm STUDY00000171 Open
"Genes for Buffalo" saliva sample collection project STUDY00000195 Open
Adaptive Therapies to Optimize Function among Older Patients Managing Cerebrovascular Disease STUDY00000211 Open
Photoacoustic imaging of human breast STUDY00000371 Open
Impact of reading regimen algorithm on pharmacy students attitude and perception of professional reading activities STUDY00000409 Open
Assessment of Knowledge of Malignant Hyperthermia in First Responders. STUDY00000453 Open
Choosing Movement-Related Outcome Measures: A Stroke Rehabilitation Survey STUDY00000575 Open
Dementia Oral Care Health Survey STUDY00000588 Open
Buffalo Research Registry STUDY00000806 Open
Oral Hygiene in Institutionalized Elderly STUDY00000842 Open
EVarQuit: Extended pre-quit varenicline to assist in quitting smoking STUDY00000911 Open
Child and adult language STUDY00000993 Open
Clinical Decision Making for CHD and Gender STUDY00001002 Open
RE-AIMing Nurses for Sleep Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (Sleep-SBIRT) STUDY00001256 Open
Surgery and Health Information Technology STUDY00001275 Open
Interlock Study STUDY00001333 Open
Photoacoustic imaging of the swallowing process STUDY00001531 Open
Participation in Physical Recreational Activities; Motivators and Barriers for individuals with Disabilities STUDY00001662 Open
Child Psychiatry Track Survey STUDY00001946 Open
Using an Art Exercise to Teach Psychodynamic Psychotherapy STUDY00002075 Open
Community Needs Assessment to Inform Development of Primary Care-Integrated Falls Prevention Programs for Older Adults in Western New York STUDY00002581 Open
Primary Care Providers' Attitudes, Perspectives, and Practices Surrounding Fall Risk Screening in Older Adults STUDY00002660 Open
Effect of Transcranial Electric Current Stimulation on Motor Skill Performance and Learning STUDY00002730 Open
Laparoscopic skills using robotic system STUDY00002739 Open
Evaluating the Ergonomics of Foot Pedal Use during Surgery STUDY00002741 Open
The Sex and Situations Study STUDY00002934 Open