Alternatives to Effort Reporting

Published April 13, 2017

UB is no longer using the ecrt system for effort reporting.  Changes to the federal regulations governing effort reporting offers the ability to reduce administrative burden on faculty by transitioning to an acceptable alternative method for certification.

Payroll Review System Being Introduced


Over the past year, SPS, RF Central and the IT staff from the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development have developed a new intuitive system called Payroll Review.  By reviewing and digitally signing a Payroll Review Report, the principal investigator of a sponsored award is confirming on an after-the-fact basis that the payroll expenditures paid on an award accurately reflect the work that was performed.

In the RF Report Center (Report Center), the Principal Investigator Dashboard and RF Activity Interface Reporting Dashboard are both excellent tools that can be used to confirm the information in the Payroll Review system with actual payroll charges on your award.   You can sign onto the system using your UBIT username and password.  If you would like to receive training on how to use the Report Center, please contact Maria McCarthy at

During the week of April 24th, you will be receiving two emails from the Payroll Review System asking you to access the system and to verify the payroll charges for two different time periods (instructions can be found at:  Payroll Review Instructions).

If you have outstanding 2015 ecrt certifications, you must log in at: ecrt  and certify your effort. Sara Piper (; phone 645-2977) can be contacted for one-on-one training and ongoing support.