New Research Activity Tools

Published July 16, 2015

In our ongoing efforts to provide better electronic systems to support UB’s comprehensive research environment, we are pleased to announce the purchase of two new tools to better support research activities and compliance: Click, a grants management system which contains pre-award, post-award and compliance functions (including modules for IRB, financial conflicts of interest, IACUC, and safety committees); and OnCore, a clinical trials management system (CTMS), which will allow for enhanced trial management, robust reporting, enrollment tracking and accurate clinical research billing.


These tools were chosen with the participation of numerous faculty and administrative staff who watched several vendor demos, built a set of requirements for each of these systems and participated in the selection of these tools.

We will begin implementation of both of these tools over the next 30 days by assessing our IT integration and configuration requirements, and to developing processes.  This initial implementation will occur in various business and administrative offices, with implementation being rolled out to users starting as early as October 2015, and continuing into 2016.  We anticipate that it will take approximately one year to have both systems fully implemented across all functional areas.

Both systems will be fully integrated, providing a consistent look and feel across all pre-award, post-award and compliance functions.  They will also offer greatly increased efficiency for investigators.  Once Click and OnCore are fully functional, we will begin phasing out existing tools like Coeus, IRBnet and COI Risk Manager, all of which proved to be inadequate for our needs, particularly since these systems did not talk to each other.  We are working to provide appropriate training and support to users to ensure as smooth a transition as possible to these new systems.

Click will offer:

·       The same look and feel for proposal creation and submission, awards management, IRB, IACUC, COI and safety committee(s).

·       A single sign-on for all modules using your UB credentials.

·       A user interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

OnCore will provide UB with:

·       Tools to help set up a clinical trial project.

·       A set of tools that will streamline UB’s clinical trial billing process.

·       Integration with Click IRB and agreements modules.

·       OnCore uses your UB credentials for system sign on.

We wish to thank all of those who provided input during the selection process of these new tools, and look forward to beginning our implementation in the coming weeks.