UB Receives AAHRPP Re-Accreditation

Published January 23, 2014

On December 13, 2013, UB won renewal from the Association for Accreditation for Human Research Participant Protections (AAHRPP), the nation’s highest level of accreditation for human research.


Reaccreditation from AAHRPP indicates UB’s strong commitment to conducting quality research and protecting the rights and welfare of human research participants. AAHRPP accreditation of a human research protections program requires standards and protections that exceed federal requirements, and commitment to continuous quality improvement. This designation provides research institutions with a competitive edge and is recognized by federal regulators, funding agencies, and industry sponsors.

UB achieved initial accreditation from AAHRPP in September 2009, putting UB into an elite group of universities that includes Duke, Harvard, Stanford, Penn State and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Increasingly, the accreditation is required by corporate research partners, as well as federal agencies as a prerequisite for receiving grants. The current accreditation will be in force for five years.