IFR Process

Published March 3, 2014

SPS will implement a new process on March 3rd, 2014 that will no longer require the Change in Effort Form.

Though we will continue to load effort when new accounts are established or new money is received, we will only seek Dean's approval for reductions of effort that are 25% or greater.

  • Notice of New Award/New Money received in SPS
  • SPS loads committed effort (Academic Year/Calendar Year/Cost Share) for active project year into the RF Business System according to the approved Proposal Budget
  • SPS uses the ePTF application to calculate the salary recovery amount (for calculation purposes only, not for appointment process), and scans of the ePTF to the PI and co-PI. The CFO is copied on the email. Note: salary recovery not included in the proposal budget must be communicated to SPS by the PI or department
  • Revisions to the initial level of effort, if any, will be noted in an email sent by SPS to CFO's reflecting the reduction of effort as requested by the PI. This email will replace the need for the Change in Effort Form
  • A reduction of effort of 25% or greater will require Dean's approval