Operate your business 100% tax-free for 10 years. This groundbreaking initiative gives companies the opportunity to operate state and local tax-free on (or near) a UB campus.

If you qualify, your employees will also pay no state personal income taxes. At UB, we can help you navigate START-UP NY benefits.

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To see if your business qualifies for START-UP NY — and for access to other resources — please contact:

Karen M. Utz
Director, Program Administration

What is START-UP NY?


New York State established START-UP NY (which stands for SUNY Tax-free Areas to Revitalize and Transform Upstate NY) as a way to transform communities across New York State.

Is my business eligible?

You may qualify for START-UP NY if your business: 

  • Is a new company in New York State
  • Is a company from out of state that is relocating to New York State
  • Already has employees in New York State, and is expanding in the state
  • Will create new jobs in the first year
  • Will bring positive economic benefits to the community
  • Is aligned with the academic mission of UB

What can START-UP NY do for my business?

The START-UP NY program through UB allows companies to align their businesses with university resources and facilities, access to UB students, faculty and alumni, connect with a vast support network and more. 

More than 50 START-UP NY companies currently work with UB faculty and students or within university facilities. These companies range from biotech and life sciences to advanced materials and manufacturing; from renewable energy to tech and electronics.