Founding Director: Amit Goyal

Amit Goyal.

Amit Goyal, Founding Director, UB RENEW Institute; SUNY Distinguished Professor and SUNY Empire Innovation Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Adjunct Professor in Physics Department. Emeritus Corporate Fellow, UT-Battelle/Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Dr. Amit Goyal joined UB in January 2015 as the founding director of the RENEW Institute. He has developed clean energy technologies for more than two decades. He is known for his research in the area of large-area, low-cost, high performance, “flexible electronic” devices, including superconducting devices, photovoltaics, ferroelectrics, multiferroics, etc., as well as in 3D self-assembly of nanodots and nanorods for device applications.

Prior to joining UB, he was a corporate fellow, distinguished inventor and distinguished scientist at UT-Battelle/Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  He has more than 25 years’ experience managing diverse technical projects for multiple organizations. As founder, president and CEO of two companies -- TapeSolar Inc. and TexMat LLC -- he also has financial management experience interacting with venture capital firms and angel investors.

He is a Member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) and a Fellow of eight professional societies: the American Association for Advancement of Science, the Materials Research Society, the American Physical Society, the World Innovation Foundation, the American Society of Metals, the Institute of Physics, the American Ceramic Society and the World Technology Network.