Dr. Ernest Sternberg

Ernest Sternberg.

Dr. Ernest Sternberg is currently a Professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, where he had previously served nine years as Department Chair. He was also the founding Director of the MS in Real Estate Development Program at the University at Buffalo.

Sternberg’s current work is on the ethics of complex decision making to avert disasters, whether from terrorism or natural or technological hazards. His earlier research examined complex resources whose allocation required public planning because they were not effectively allocated by pure markets. He pursued this topic through successive studies of resource types, including technological research endowments, cultural and heritage resources, urban physical form and infrastructure systems, and (the opposite of such resources) geophysical and technological hazards. His most recent interest is the study of new radical ideologies affecting perceptions of public affairs.

Dr. Sternberg served as the founding president and is still member of the board of Protect New York, an academic group focused on research and education to safeguard metro New York, and other large urban areas, from disaster and terrorism. He also served for five years as a member of the editorial board at State University of New York Press.

Dr. Sternberg received a BA in Social Sciences from Empire State College, and an MS in Development Sociology and Southeast Asian Studies and PhD in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University.