RENEW Assistant Directors/Focus Area Leads

Joe Atkinson

Freshwater Coastal Ecosystems


In addition to the most basic need for safe drinking water, the availablity of good quality freshwater affects nearly every aspect of modern life, including energy resources, food production, transportation, manufacturing, and recreation, as well as supporting ecological well-being and the ecosystem services on which life depends.

Jason Briner

Climate Change and Socioeconomic Impacts


Climate change is the single most pressing global issue facing society today; one estimate suggest that a climate-induced global sea level rise of just one meter will cost 28 trillion US dollars to world economies.

Michel Dupuis

Next-Generation Materials & Technologies for Energy, Environment, & Water Sustainability


Materials design and discovery hold a critical place in the 21 century economy, with broad impact that spans the transportation, health, microelectronic, and renewable energy industries.

Jim Olson

Environmental Exposures, Genomes and Health


The Environmental Exposures, Genomes, and Health focus area will stimulate integrated, multidisciplinary research and education at UB to conduct innovative, cutting edge environmental research.

Ernest Sternberg

Sustainable Urban Environments


The RENEW focus in Sustainable Urban Systems (RENEW-SUS) addresses the critical role of cities on the establishment of sustainable relationships between human society and the planet.