Marc Edwards

Marc Edwards.

Marc Edwards

Widely known as the “Hero of Flint”, Marc Edwards is the Charles Lunsford Professor of Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech.

His research group aspires to pursue science as a public good, through laboratory work on practically important but underfunded topics such as corrosion in buildings and opportunistic premise-plumbing pathogens which laid the groundwork for investigative science uncovering the 2001-2004 D.C. Lead Crisis and the 2014-2016 Flint Water Disaster.  In 2004, Time Magazine dubbed Dr. Edwards “The Plumbing Professor” and listed him amongst the 4 most important “Innovators” in water from around the world.  The White House awarded him a Presidential Faculty Fellowship in 1996 and he received a MacArthur Fellowship from 2008-2012. In 2013 Edwards’ was the 9th recipient (in a quarter century) of the IEEE Barus Award for “courageously defending the public interest at great personal risk,” and in 2016 he was named amongst the most influential people in the world by Fortune and Time magazine.  His work has appeared in newspaper articles around the country, and has spurred several new Federal laws to protect the public from lead in water hazards.



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