World Bicycle Day

AUTHOR:  Jennifer Dynas
DATE:  06/14/2021

In 2018, Professor Leszek Sibilski, a Polish social scientist working in the United Nations, led a grassroots campaign with his sociology class to promote a UN Resolution for World Bicycle Day.

It was declared that June 3rd would be World Bicycle Day!

The idea behind World Bicycle Day is to recognize the versatility and uniqueness of the bicycle, as well as its reliability and sustainability as a mode of transportation.

There are many fun places to visit in Buffalo with your bicycle. One of these places is the Lakeside Bike Park, located at Buffalo’s Outer Harbor. The Lakeside Bike Park offers 3 mountain bike tracks for riders of all skill levels and ages, as well as a pump track, skills loop and tot track for little kids. You can bring your own bike or rent one, including tandem bikes. (Independent Health members receive 20% off all rentals). The Lakeside Bike Park also features nature habitats, a food truck plaza, an events lawn and beautiful views of Lake Erie.

aerial view of outer harbor bike park.

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If you continue down Fuhrmann Blvd, you can take the Queen City Bike Ferry from the Outer Harbor, to the Inner Harbor.  The cost for the bike ferry is $1.00 per person each way and that includes your bicycle. The ferry can hold up to 49 passengers and 25 bikes. A one-way trip takes 5-10 minutes.

queen city ferry with people onboard.

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You can also be your own tour guide with Bike There, Buffalo! Each tour includes cue sheets, curated landmarks, historical and interesting stories, photos, and hyperlinks with more information. Route distances vary and bikers can always improvise, but as an example the first route is 11.5 miles on fairly flat terrain. The self-guided tours are free but you can leave a donation on their site if you so feel inclined to do so.

Participants can access routes by registering at Buffalo routes all start from and return to Buffalo Bike Tours’ Canalside Kiosk (1 Naval Park Cove, Buffalo, NY 14202). Participants must bring their own bikes, however rentals are available through Buffalo Bike Tours.

The project was created, in part, as a response to the COVID-19 crisis and to promote exercise, celebrate our great city, and instill social distancing. Using the Ride With GPS app, users can use their smartphones and follow along to programmed routes grouped around themes, conveying historical information about various Buffalo landmarks.

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Buffalo Bike Tours also offers paid guided tours, such as the History of Chicken Wings Tour, where you get to sample some of Buffalo’s best chicken wings. Food is included in the price.

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