Working From Home: The Reality

AUTHOR:  Mickey Moran
DATE:  06/03/2020

During these difficult and unprecedented times, many of us have had to “learn” to work from home. Most notably ME!

Tough Times Ahead

Personally, I have found it difficult at times to stay focused, motivated, and organized. Between my children’s constant needs and the lack of normal workday structure, I have struggled with this work from home concept. However, through trial and error, there are a few things I have found to help me through.

Set and Keep Your Routine

  • I have found that constant variation is not good for me to stay focused. Try to get to bed as if you had to spend the entire day in your office tomorrow. Translation---don’t stay up and watch that extra Netflix episode. Get to sleep!
  • Try to wake up at the same time each work day! Thanks to my kids this is not always easy, as they can sometimes confuse 5:00AM and 9:00AM quite often. But this routine has helped me to maximize the time during each day.


  • Whether it is a full out sweat fest, or a simple walk outside with my kids and dog, exercise has been a huge benefit for me. It has helped me to refocus at times, made me feel accomplished, and simply keeps my energy level where it should be.
  • Also exercising regularly has helped me to keep that routine above as the more energy I use, the more tired I am in the evenings.

Dress for Success

  • On those really hard days, I have found that ditching the joggers for a nice work outfit can go a long way. Wanting to feel like you’re at work? Dress as though you are on occasion. This has helped me to get my body and attitude into work mode.

Hold Yourself Accountable

  • We all have a little more freedom than usual when it comes to completing our tasks. Making deadlines for myself has helped me to stay on task, and complete things each day and week that need done.

Whether you are struggling or not with the work from home concept, these things have gone a long way in my day to day. Use what you can and please feel free to share any other ideas that have worked for you during this unique time of working from home.

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