Upcycling Furniture

AUTHOR:  Jennifer Dynas
DATE:  12/06/2020

Does your space need a face lift?

"DIY" "Do It Yourself".

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My Old, Ugly Hutch

Repurposing old furniture can be a great way to update your home without spending a lot of money. I’m sure a lot of people have old furniture sitting in their basement that is begging to be used. You can also get furniture cheap at a thrift shop. I had an old, ugly hutch in my basement that my husband and I bought at a garage sale in 2001.

I had been browsing Pinterest and saw some sites that talked about upcycling furniture. That got me thinking about my ugly hutch and a light bulb went off in my head. The hutch was in good condition, but the dark cherry wood wasn’t my favorite and it didn’t go with the rest of the furniture in our home.

Normally I am not one to condone painting wood furniture, but this hutch didn’t have any sentimental value and I wasn’t about to strip and stain it. Plus it was ugly. I just wanted a quick project. I had leftover paint in my basement.

I took the lattice out of the door and side window, which made the windows a bit loose. My husband used window putty to secure the windows and make sure they weren’t rattling around. A few coats of light grey paint on the outside and some turquoise paint on the inside made such a drastic difference. I purchased some new hardware and some battery lights for the inside.

I love how my hutch looks now!

old hutch.

Old Hutch

upcycled hutch painted white.

Upcycled Hutch

Photos obtained from Jennifer Dynas

You Can Do It (Yourself!)

You can find plenty of websites for inspiration on upcycling old furniture with step by step instructions. Here are a few to get you started:

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