The Joys of Packaging

AUTHOR:  Roz Dominico
DATE:  12/06/2020

With Holiday Season approaching, I propose a question that has boggled many minds: Why do manufacturers make it so difficult to open up their products?

using a can opener to open plastic packaging of product.

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The Struggle

Have you gone off the deep end with frustration like I have with the way products are packaged? I make sure I have a package of band aids handy and a phone by my side in case I have to call 911 when opening up something new! I understand the concept of protection from the elements in packaging. And I get asset protection and making things hard to steal in the stores - but I don't understand the concept of an adult proof container.

Just what in the world is going on with packaging nowadays? The last package I opened took me close to half-an-hour, while I endured 3 cuts, a torn nail and a hoarse throat from screaming my lungs out at these idiot manufacturers. Don't they want us to use the product? I don’t know, I couldn't open that package for the life of me. The razor was staring out of the junk drawer at me just daring me to get it. Laughing in my face as I contorted and pulled and ripped and dodged shards of plastic flying everywhere. How many times do I have to throw this against the wall? How many times do I have to stomp on this thing? Can't they invent an easy open package? One of them pull tab thingys?

Well, then I got smart and got scissors. That was a joke, as you need the hand strength of an industrial press to use the scissors. So I took both hands to the scissors, and the package flew off and hit my dog in the ear. He slunk off with his tail between his legs wondering what he did wrong this time. By this time, I was not only red in the face, my chest was beginning to hurt and I was sweating.


So I looked for the toll-free number to call the manufacturer just to scream at someone for making such a moronic package. The print was so small I had to go on their website and attempt to find a customer service number to be told it would be 40 minutes for me to talk to a representative (this is another whole topic for another day!). Why? Why is it so hard to get to these products today? Sure I'd love to use them, IF I COULD OPEN THE FRIGGIN’ THINGS!

I'm getting fed up with all the new packaging techniques out there. Plastic - surrounded by more plastic. Almost invisible stickers at every corner. Bags wrapped in plastic! I think from now on I'm going to buy everything used. Not to save money, though that would be nice, just to use what I would have had to open so I don't have to struggle with the opening of the things. Dreams of opening a nice bag started to cloud my head. Just open the bag and reach in, no titanium material to blast through. Object obtained. Everyone wins. At least in my mind I’ve won!

If you are a manufacturer and are reading this, or even work in packaging for one, could you please relay a message to them for me? Make a product someone can open without involving power tools, pleeeeeease!!!!! I don't care how good it looks in the package, I don't care how safe it is when transporting, because what good is it if all you can do is stare at and reflect on the good old days when you didn’t end up in the emergency room with lacerations?

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