Swimming Safely in Lakes, Rivers, & Streams

AUTHOR:  Nathan Bourke
DATE:  07/08/2020

lake erie beach.

Photo obtained from nyfalls.com

Swim Safe

With many public swimming pools in WNY being closed this summer, swimming in lakes, gorges, rivers, and streams has become very popular. Proper supervision by a certified lifeguard continues to be very important.

Swimming in a body of water is very different than your back yard swimming pool, or the local municipalities pool. Check out the “Be Red Cross Ready” Swimming Safely in Lakes, Rivers, and Streams posters below as well as the American Red Cross website, and consider the tips offered before you take that plunge into that body of water on your next weekend get-away.  

chain of drowning survival, recognize the signs of drowning, rescue and remove person from water, call EMS, begin rescue breathing and CPR, use an AED.

Photo obtained from redcross.org

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