Re-Kindling a Long Lost Hobby

AUTHOR:  Jessica Nyrop
DATE:  07/20/2020

My Hobby

A hobby is something we do in our leisure time that brings us comfort and joy. Intellectually, hobbies provide us an outlet to be creative without the pressure from external sources.

Art was and is a hobby for me, a hobby that comes and goes every other year.  While in middle and high school, art was my favorite class.  I sat down, learned and was able to express my emotions, conscious, and interpretation of the project without judgement. Art took me to my initial major at UB, architecture.

Over the years, my hobby of painting would ebb and flow. Every few years I would get an itch to sketch and paint.

In my junior year of college, I painted a classic scene of Copenhagen, from a picture I took when my family visited Denmark to see extended family when I was in primary school (I am half Danish). I did not have a lot of money at the time, but I did have paper and paints, and wanted to give something to my parents for the holiday, Christmas.

painting of Copenhagen.

Photo's courtesty of Jessica Nyrop.

painting of two young girls holding hands.

A picture for a friend of her two young girls holding hands.

a painting in progress.

A painting in progress for my son’s room; he loves Old McDonald and farms.

Finding My Hobby, Again...

Over the years, I have asked myself, “Why can’t I paint regularly”? My answer is “I love painting for other people and painting is therapeutic to me when I can give a painting to someone else. I enjoy painting when a painting has meaning for someone else.

So, do you have a hobby that you enjoyed, but stopped? Maybe try to direct the outcome of your long lost hobby for someone else!

painting of a vacation in iceland.

A painting I did for my brother and sister-in-law, again for the time of Christmas – it was their first vacation together to Iceland.

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