Opinion: NBA GOAT Debate

AUTHOR:  Wilson Bautista
DATE:  05/27/2020

The debate that takes place at every barbershop pre-corona virus. Jordan vs. Lebron, Jordan vs. Kareem, Jordan vs. (insert favorite player).

The Last Dance

The ten part documentary on ESPN has aired and a new generation has seen Mike in his prime. The wars that Jordan endured with the Pistons and Celtics, his dominance over the finals after defeating Magic Johnson and the Lakers. Not the Wizards highlights that Jordan critics would prefer you focus on. 

What criteria should a player meet before they are considered the GOAT? Since this is my article I will decide. The competition needs to be at a high level. Larry Holmes is not considered greater than Muhammad Ali even though he held the heavy weight title longer. The level of competition must match the player’s greatness. The players must be good at most statistical categories but must dominate at least one. Barry Bonds was a great hitter, a great outfielder, but what made him the scariest baseball player was his homerun swing. The last criteria is championships, individual awards, and years of dominance. It is hard to argue that Tom Brady is the GOAT in the NFL, 6 Super Bowl victories, 4 Super bowl MVP’s, 3 NFL MVP’s and 14 Pro Bowl selections. 

Mike Jordan took the Chicago Bulls to 2 separate 3 peats, 6 Finals MVP’s, 5 NBA MVP’s, 10 scoring titles, 9 times NBA all-defensive team. In the words of Muhammad Ali “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”! Hands down the most transcendent basketball player ever.

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