Not Your Average Game Night...

AUTHOR:  Karen Mayfield
DATE:  06/12/2020

People are venturing into different ways to socialize during this day and age. Many finding electronic gaming as a way to interact with other people across the internet. 

Virtual Game Night

I love playing board games, card games and trivia games. A bonus is being able to play virtually with friends. For some time now, I have been hosting virtual game nights with friends who just want to have a fun night in. We set up a Zoom meeting on an upcoming night and we play games from JackBox and Kahoot. The perks of this are not having to get dressed up and leave the house. You can stay safe at home in your comfiest pair of pants and have a great time with your crew.

JackBox? Kahoot?

JackBox is software you can download onto various platforms like a Nintendo Switch, Playstation, XBOX, Amazon Fire TV, and more. Depending on your platform, you could have the capability to live stream the game to your personal YouTube channel that your friends could view. Not all systems have the streaming capability so make sure you do your research. There are different game packs from JackBox. Most include 4 games. Some of my favorites are Trivia Murder Party and Quiplash. I highly recommend looking at all the different game packs and reading the game descriptions to find ones that you think your friends would enjoy most. Now you are probably wondering, how do our friends play when I am the one streaming the game? Well, when you select your game, the next screen will display with a web link and room code. Your friends enter that information on their phone or tablet and they are in the game! The perk of the Zoom, is being able to poke fun at your friends and laughing together. I recommend utilizing a laptop for Zoom, so you can see everyone in gallery view.

Kahoot is much different than JackBox. Kahoot is an app you can download on your phone and select specific trivia games for you and your friends to play at the same time. After you pick a game, you select to be the host, and then select the classic version. On the screen where you select the classic version there are more game options that you can adjust like randomizing questions. When you complete that step it brings you to the “lobby” where it will have a PIN displayed as well as a website, in the event someone cannot download the app. When your friends enter the app, they can enter a pin and join in on the same trivia game. The quicker you answer a question, the more points you receive so you need to be ready with your game face on! To make it even more fun, there is a leaderboard so you can see which friend is full of more useless knowledge!

These two games are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more game options out there for you and your friends to have a virtual game night; you just have to do a little research. Now tell your friends, send the Zoom invite, and game on!

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