Mickey's Top 5 Places to Take a Walk

AUTHOR:  Mickey Moran
DATE:  06/22/2020

One of my family’s favorite outdoor recreation activities is to pack the kids up, and go for a nice long walk outside!

university at buffalo bike path.

Ellicott Creek Trailway, a path Mickey rates as one of his top five places to walk. Elliott, J. (2014, September). Ellicott Creek Trailway. Retrieved from All Trails

Below are my top 5 places to take a walk in the Buffalo area. I have included information that I have gathered from my own experiences throughout my 18+ years as a resident of Western New York. I have included my pros and cons for each site. I would like to point out that all of these places are beautiful areas and enjoyable for a stroll. However, I thought it would be fun to rank them based on my opinion and experiences. Enjoy! 

#5 - Buffalo River Walk

The Buffalo river walk which runs along the famous Niagara River offers one of the most scenic walking trails in the area. Running from the start of the 290/190 south connection all the way to the city of Buffalo. It offers amazing water views of the river, and the Peace Bridge connecting Buffalo to Canada. More often than not you will be blessed with many boats and jet skis cruising by as you walk!

  • Pros: Nice and long, with stunning scenic views.
  • Cons: Lots of traffic noise as the 190 runs parallel. Can be crowded with people fishing.


buffalo river walk.

Buffalo River Walk. Photo obtained from Watts Architecture & Engineering

#4 - Buckhorn Island

The trail at Buckhorn Island provides another scenic trail for walkers. Located on Grand Island there are views of both the Niagara River, as well as the wetlands and woodlands surrounding the island. It also provides a nice change of terrain. 

  • Pros: Beautiful scenery, quiet and tranquil.
  • Cons: Must go over the bridges to access and bugs can be a problem with the wetlands.


buckhorn island trail.

Buckhorn Island. Photo obtained from Waymarking.com

#3 - Ellicott Creek Trailway

The iconic Ellicott Creek Trailway, also known as the UB Bike path, was one of my first walking experiences here in Buffalo. One of the longer paths of approximately 7 miles it is located in the heart of Amherst. You will be blessed with gorgeous views of Ellicott creek, surrounding wilderness, and the beauty of some of UB’s gorgeous campus. The path can be entered at multiple locations to change up the scenery of your walk. The paths are well maintained and provide many serene bridges to cross over. 

  • Pros: Long, gorgeous scenery, and quiet. 
  • Cons: Potential for lots of Bikers. “ON YOUR LEFT” can be a familiar phrase at times.


ellicott creek path.

Elliott, J. (2014, August). Ellicott Creek Trailway. Retrieved from All Trails

#2 - Niawanda Park

Niawanda Park is located in the City of Tonawanda along the Niagara River. Boasting views of Grand Islands beautiful homes, speed boats, and gorgeous blue water this trail is a must see. There are just enough trees on the path side to provide occasional shade making the walk very pleasant. The trail includes ample parking for anyone traveling to the area, as well as boat launches, and a park for kids to stop and play during your walk. Finally, after a nice long walk, Mississippi Mudds is directly across the street as a Buffalo staple for ice cream and hotdogs. 

  • Pros: beautiful trails for scenery, lengthy trail makes for a great workout
  • Cons: can be extremely crowded on certain days, certain times of year see lots of bugs 


niawanda park bike path.

Niawanda Park. Photo obtained from Waymarking.com

#1 - Chestnut Ridge Park

Chestnut Ridge Park located in Orchard Park, New York is the most challenging walk on my list. The park is located on some of the hilliest terrain I have encountered here in Western New York making it a great challenge to complete the walk. It is set up in a dense wooded area providing tranquil views, and truly taking you away from the world outside. Throughout the walk there are several bungalows and pavilions that can be rented. Bathrooms are located throughout the trail at several of these stops as well. There are parks for children to play and enjoy throughout the journey if you needed a rest. There is virtually no traffic other than fellow walkers, or those renting the pavilions. Finally, this path is not a path at all, but a full road running through the park, providing ample room for your whole group including pets and strollers. 

  • Pros: Very challenging, wide open space, gorgeous views, truly tranquil and out of the way.
  • Cons: Very challenging and only provides wooded views.
water view at chestnut ridge park.

Chestnut Ridge Park. Photo obtained from Erie.gov

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