Give Occupational Wellness a Boost

AUTHOR:  Jessica Nyrop
DATE:  07/23/2020

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Occupational Wellness is a sense of satisfaction with your choice of work. It involves balance between work and leisure time, relationships with coworkers, and management of workplace stressors and stress. We can enhance our wellness while working with a few simple steps:

  1. Take micro breaks. Micro breaks “short breaks” between 2-5 minutes away from work.  Commonly, we set a goal to work for multiple hours at a time, however trying to stay focused for too long can boomerang. Our minds have a tendency to wander if we try to focus for too long.  In the end, this can negatively affect our productivity.  Taking short breaks throughout the day can improve job performance and decrease overall stress.  Try to schedule a 2-5 minute break every hour to try a breathing exercise, walk, and stretch, to get fresh aid, or a short chair yoga routine.
  2. Be more organized. Working in a clean workspace help a person to stay on track and decreases possible frustration of not being able to find something. Create an organization system that works for you and stick with it. Maintain a clutter free environment, which includes your phone, desk, email, and computer.
  3. Create a to-do-list. To-do-lists can help with organization. Lists can increase focus, productivity, and attention to the task.  Several apps available for a computer or phone to help create a to-do-list include nTask, Wunderlist, Microsoft to-do,, and many more.
  4. Set mini goals. Mini goals are small steps taken to achieve.  For example, “by 10:00 am I am going to complete the report.”

Try introducing these steps into your daily work routine and see how your attitude improves with work.

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