Get Better Sleep

AUTHOR:  Roz Dominico
DATE:  05/26/2020

Like many of you during these uncertain times being at home much more than I’m accustomed to, I'm concentrated on improving myself, being disciplined with lifting, working, eating right and other habits.

My Experience

I tried to use a planner, write down goals, the whole deal. And that's great - having a clear plan is a great idea.

However, I noticed in the past 2-3 weeks, I was heavily struggling with willpower and motivation. I was beating myself up over finding motivation somewhere to get things done and it just wasn't there. I would rather procrastinate or do nothing at all. That's when I made the link between willpower/motivation and SLEEP.

My 10pm bed time would slip to 11pm, or 12am some nights (wakeup at 6am). Not because I was simply staying up late doing nothing, but because I was so intent on accomplishing everything on my lists. "Just pound through it! Discipline, yo!" The next day, it would be harder to keep on task or even start things. The end result is the 12 or so hours a day you have to actually work on things you get very limited done.

Sleep is very important. If you're lacking motivation or drive, check your sleep schedule. You can only pull all-nighters or cut an hour here and there a few times. You can’t use it as a long-term strategy. It is much better if you set a hard stop time about an hour before bed, put everything down, and recharge.

Need Convinving?

Here’s an interesting TED Talk that gives a different perspective of sleep.

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