4 Signs Your Body Needs a Break

AUTHOR:  Roz Dominico
DATE:  10/26/2020


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I get it, I’m there all too often – taking time out for yourself can feel near impossible when you’re trying to keep on top of everything (Meal prep, family, finding time to work out, work drama!) But here’s the thing: our bodies have a knack for letting us know it’s time to slow down even if we’re not 100 percent listening.

Here’s four subtle cues you’re doing too much and you need to do less than that:

1. You're Just... Angry!

You don't know why or how you're angry, but you are. If someone's with the store with their shopping cart as if they were in the Indy Shopaholic 500 flying around corners and you're contemplating physically knocking them into last week when they weren’t walking in the store...you know it's probably time to take a step back - literally.

Lack of sleep, not eating enough (especially nutrient dense wholefoods) and being disorganized are top anger triggers. Here’s some tips for you to try starting from today that will instantly help calm your inner Incredible Hulk:

  • Go to bed one hour earlier every night
  • Block out one day or evening to get healthy meals prepped for the next few days if not the week
  • Put your to-do list in order of importance

2. You're Gaining Weight Around Your Mid-Section

It’s not always just about giving your fork hand a rest. Cortisol is an essential hormone produced in the body that responds to stress and danger, controls blood pressure and reduces inflammation.

In a stressful event or when exercising, the body releases cortisol to help deal with the situation. Too much can cause acne, excess fat around the midsection and even hair on your face. Although exercise plays a big role in keeping stress at bay, too much high-intensity exercise can cause levels to soar so make sure you're including some slower-paced activities like walking, yoga and stretching throughout the week.

3. Even Walking Feels Like an Effort

If you're feeling bright like a lightbulb - one of those 25-watt energy efficient bulbs, even after plenty of rest and a long sleep, it's a sign you may be deficient in certain nutrients (such as Iron and Vitamin B). So getting a blood test from your doctor is helpful to determine what you're missing.

Many diets cause added stress to the mind and body which can mess around with hormone health, so as well as physically resting, eating a variety of foods from all the food groups will energize you and be far more beneficial than loading up on supplements.

4. You're Not Getting Anything Done

You're so busy you don't know where to start? Just saying the word 'busy' can make you feel the connotations related to it; strained, pre-occupied, manic, even depressed. Your mindset is linked directly to productivity levels, so when that mountain of work is not getting done, it's probably because your brain is full.

Clearing your mind may feel counterproductive but realistically, it's the only way you're going to get on top of it. Whether it’s,

  • a 10 minute guided meditation on your favorite meditation app
  • going for a brisk walk on your lunch break *without your phone*
  • or booking a weekend getaway

...make clearing your head a priority. Just don’t clear too much!

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